Letters of Support are pouring in for Tell Me a Stories new project in Western Sydney

Tell Me a Story is moving a new direction with an increasing emphasis of working with people in the community who normally would not have a voice on stage. We recent,y canvassed some opinions of how we’ve gone in the past with our community based projects and just as importantly sought some responses  from community leaders regarding our proposed work n Western Sydney. Here are some quotes….

“I believe that we (Tell Me a Story) may be building a successful model for future endeavors” Nesan Kistan, Multicultural Director Australian Eastern Territory, The Salvation Army  
Kathryn Bendall’s  Tell Me a Story project project aims to provide an engaging performance that consists of real people and true stories. One of the great aspects of this project is that it will be guided and defined by its participants. I fully support this project and believe that it has a tremendous amount to offer both to its participants and their audience” Barbara Perry MP. Member for Auburn
I have confidence that this (Tell Me a Story) will also be a rich and affirming experience for the projects participants ” Cr Le Lam, Emeritus Mayor Auburn City Council and President of the Auburn Asian Welfare Centre Inc.




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