How to Audition

Do you have a story to tell? Well, please, tell me a story. Your story.
The story can be theatrical, amusing, enthralling, sad or just plain thrilling. The main thing is, it’s your story and it’s true and we want to hear it. The story must be told in less than 10 minutes.
If you’re not sure your story fits our themed monthly topic, send in your story audition anyway.
We’ll give you some feedback about where it might best fit.
In 200 words or less we want a synopsis of your story. The story should have a beginning, middle and an end. It should be a story that can be told in 10 minutes and without notes. Sometimes it’s easiest to think of your story as an occurrence or an incident. If that helps, tell us where you were (background), what happened (the crux of the story) and how your life is different now (the outcome).
Then we’ll look at giving you the opportunity to get up on stage and tell it to a warm, supportive and very encouraging audience.
Your story might fit one month’s theme better than another. The point is all stories should be told.
Our storytellers don’t use notes. So don’t make your story so complicated you won’t be able to tell it on stage without notes.
Once we accept your story we’ll call you.
Then we’ll organise a workshop just before your performance with other storytelling experts.
They will work with you to polish your story and coach you on how to best tell it so that by the time you get on stage you’ll be comfortable and confident.
Tell Me a Story hopes that learning to tell your story well will be a wonderful experience, and like your story, one you’ll pleasurably remember for always.
If you know someone who has a great story, please encourage them to contact us.